Structural Fire Engineering

Extreme loading resulting from intentional, accidental, and cascading fire events may compromise the integrity and stability of a building. Merging the state-of-the-art with professional best practices, Meyer Borgman Johnson leverages its Structural Fire Engineering (SFE) specialty consulting service to confront challenges of – scenario evaluation, criteria setting, and solution integration.

Our subject matter experts in structural engineering and fire safety work collaboratively to overcome the hurdles of event uncertainty while working to progress a reliable and clear final built solution. Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of building and transportation applications that include – large, multi-use buildings; stadia and other entertainment venues; healthcare centers; bridges and other elevated transportation infrastructure; airports; commercial/retail centers; and industrial units. Regardless of the structural system type and construction material, our SFE practice contributes towards developing practical, cost-effective, and innovative solutions while supplementing the overall fire protection strategy.

Core areas of focus include –
• Prescriptive and Performance-Based Structural Design for Fire Safety
• Fire Design of Mass Timber Members
• Optimization of Passive Structural Fire Protection
• Coupled Fire-Structure Analysis (FSA)
• Burnout Resistance and Fire-Induced Progressive Collapse
• Open Hydrocarbon Fire Impact Evaluation
• Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fire Risk Assessment and Reduction
• Probabilistic Fire Loss Estimation (PFLE)
• Post-Fire Structural Assessment and Recovery

We understand that every application entails a unique and delicate balance between overarching project goals and achieving an adequate standard of fire resistance and structural reliability during fire events. Coupling innovative analytical methods with engineering expertise, we tailor solutions that satisfy the unique needs of each project engagement.

Cullen O’Neill