Steel Fabricator Services

We provide a complimentary set of “downstream” services directly to fabricators and as an extension of our design services, imparting value to our clients on both the design and construction side of the contract.

Steel Connection Design – We partner with clients to provide reliable steel connection design for any size project, large or small, anywhere in the country. We work according to our clients’ specifications and methods, delivering steel connection design that is efficient, accurate, timely, and cost-effective.

Steel Shop Drawings – In partnership with LTC detailers, we provide steel shop drawings for projects requiring review by qualified engineers. We also provide combined services for connection design and detailing, as well as integrated engineer-of-record through shop drawing services.

Embed Shop Drawings – We provide shop drawings and coordination of steel embeds for projects on which we are engineer-of-record.

Steel Stair and Handrail Design – We provide delegated design of all stair components, as well as in-model review of steel stair models, prior to shop drawing production.

Steel Erection Design – Designing for construction-phase steel erection has a different set of parameters than for completed buildings. We have experience collaborating with steel erectors on temporary bracing and other steel erection challenges, such as on TCF Football Stadium for the University of Minnesota Gophers.