Mayo Mankato Hospital Bed Tower

  • Location: Mankato, MN
  • Architect: HDR
  • Client: Mayo Clinic

Project Highlights

  • 3-story vertical expansion
  • Connects to 5 different existing structural systems


Mayo Mankato Hospital bed tower expansion is a three-story vertical addition over and adjacent to five existing structures with five different vintages and structural systems, including cast-in-place concrete and steel. The footprint of the addition is based on MBJ’s previous study and retrofit of the existing three-story hospital for three additional stories. One of the challenges of the vertical addition will be an offset and rotation of the new column grid from the existing column grid to achieve a structural layout that works with a modern patient room space program and avoids disruption to the existing hospital functions. The offset column grid will take advantage of the interstitial space built during the previous phase of the project. The space created by raising the planned third floor will be used as a transfer floor allowing for enough space to use large transfer beams supported by existing columns and supporting new offset columns.