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  • Huber Speaks at NASCC

    April 19, 2018 — Matt Huber, PE, spoke at the recent NASCC conference in Baltimore, MD, on April 11. The topic of his presentation was “Delegated Connection Design – Best Practices to Promote the Steel Industry.” Delegated connection design is a widely accepted and encouraged design practice in the steel design industry. Used skillfully, it results in a deliverable that benefits all parties by giving EORs control over the final structural product and fabricators the flexibility they need to deliver an efficient, cost-effective package. In his presentation, Matt analyzed common pitfalls in the use of delegated connection design, (which lead to more expensive structures, difficulties in construction, and delays in schedule) and best delegated connection design practices to combat these perils.

    Matt leads the firm’s fabricator steel group of 35 connection design engineers. He has been delivering projects using a delegated connection design model for more than 10 years and is an expert in both the American steel codes, AISC-360 (LRFD/ASD), and the Canadian steel code, CSA Design of Steel Structures.

  • MBJ Joins U of M Consortium

    March 20, 2018 – Meyer Borgman Johnson is pleased to be the first structural engineering design firm to join the University of Minnesota’s Consortium for Research Practices, a medium for the exchange of knowledge among firms, faculty, and students. Consortium members develop shared research with MS-RP students guided by university faculty and practicing professionals through their academic and internship experience. The Consortium also seeks to address a broad range of societal concerns by becoming a catalyst for culture change in regard to sustainable design, diversity, design value, and many other important issues facing today’s design and construction community.

    Find out more about the Consortium.

  • MBJ Staff Teach at U of M

    March 5, 2018 – Several of MBJ’s staff are currently teaching as adjunct instructors at the University of Minnesota.

    Twin Cities Campus
    Cullen O’Neill, PE, has been an instructor at the University since 2014. He currently teaches CMgt 4544: Materials and Structures I, a class he helped create for the Construction Management Department.

    Jason Cook, PE, SE, co-teaches CMgt 4545: Materials and Structures II, the partner course to CMgt 4544. Next spring, he will be teaching the class solo.

    Saura Jost, PE, began as an instructor for the Architecture Department in 2016. She is currently teaching ARCH 4571 Architectural Structures I, a class typically taken by architecture students in their junior year.

    Ryan Hopeman, PE, SE, teaches ARCH 5564: Building Tech 4: Structures II, a graduate level class in the Architecture Department. Murphy Curran, PE, a former adjunct instructor at the University, assists Ryan in this class.

    Duluth Campus
    In our Duluth office, Paul Johnson, PE, Craig Bursch, PE, and Ben Helmer, PE, teach a one-hour lecture per semester on both licensure and structural engineering to students in the CE1025: Intro to Civil Engineering class.